Profitti Ltd offer a full range of SC21 diagnostic services to satisfy each area of SC21 content. Our diagnostics are completed by expert, Lead Practitioners.


Diagnostics are set within the context of the potential for the content to enable real, sustainable commercial and operational performance growth for our clients.

EFQM Business Excellence


With more than 20 years of experience of the EFQM Business Excellence we are able to support diagnostics at each level of recognition award compliance.


We consider ourselves to be experts in the use of the EFQM RADAR system for process management. This provides a strong evaluation of the probability of success for our business processes based on understanding the context in which they are operated and the criteria and requirements for their success.


Manufacturing Excellence


The Management Commitment element of Manufacturing Excellence was considered by those who defined the 'Diagnostics' as the critical, engine-room of SC21.


The RADAR assessment of the potential for a supplier organisation to deliver against an ambition for continuous sustainable improvement is a difficult challenge.


For Profitti Ltd, this is our core DNA. We lead the way in the design and deployment of business improvement approaches to deliver profitable growth and operational performance improvement for our clients.


Relationship Excellence


Profitti Ltd were part of the working group that developed and standardised the SC21 content for Relationship Excellence. The assessment itself is designed to provide an incisive evaluation of the way in which an organisation considers and manages its business relationships.


Based on the British Standard BS11000 series for Relationship Management the diagnostic can provide the client with an incredible insight into the opportunities available to them through better, deliberate management of their needs from Customers, Suppliers and Partners. 


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