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The traditional approach to performance management has developed a reputation of being somewhat old fashioned and out of line with modern, leadership principles. However, despite the rarety of performance management systems in modern business they are absolutely critical to the success of any business performance improvement system.


The main reasons sited for the failure of the vast majority of business improvement programmes are the lack of genuine management buy-in and the difficulty in developing a sustainable culture of employee involvement. In our experience this is typically because the improvement system fails to provide adequate context for what the business is trying to achieve. Improvement activities and projects tend to be selected subjectively, with blanket deployment of improvement techniques and training expected to perculate down to a sustainable impact on bottom line performance. This just isn't realistic or logical. Often programmes appear to be the personal crusade or hobby of a few well intentioned, highly motivated leaders but fail when these individuals change direction or move on.


The development of a genuine culture of meaningful continous improvement depends entirely on the sharing and acceptance of the business challenge. The deployment of an effective 'Performance Mangement & Improvement System' can achieve this. By directly linking the company's commercial performance aspirations to an effective suite of top level operational performance metrics we can establish business improvement targets that can be cascaded down through the organisation to provide all departments (Functional as well as Operational) with performance measures and targets which reflect team effectiveness and the contribution necessary from them to support the business needs. This provides a system whereby the improvement challenge is described in terms of 'day job' performance and improvement needs.


The context of this performance framework allows us to deploy a performance improvement approach which is able to provide teams with a simple mechanism for the delivery of their local improvement needs. The data within the metrics themselves provides the means to objectively prioritise improvement effort where it will be most effective whilst allowing the real time monitoring of improvement impact and sustainability. 


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If your current business improvement consultant:-

  • Recommends you start with 'Lean' or Six Sigma' training

They are wrong!

Until you have deployed a business performance management & improvement approach you do not know the nature of the performance improvement requirements, never mind which tools and techniques are likely to sustainably improve performance. If you invest in training in business improvement tools and techniques at this stage it is quite likely that many of the methods covered will not be needed (their use will not be triggered by the objective analysis of performance data). At best employees will engage in uncoordinated business improvement events which may or may not improve company performance and are not likely to be sustained over the long term.


KRS Profitti Ltd can better support your business improvement needs!


  • Recommends you start with a '5S/5C Deployment Programme'

They are wrong! 

We have seen literally hundreds of company's who have been convinced by consultants that the company wide deployment of a '5S/5C programme is the essential first step to the development of a business improvement culture. This simply does not make sense. Of all the companys who have adopted this approach we are yet to see one that has been effectively sustained, never mind delivered a long term business benefit. This approach is asking team members to invest time and effort in maintaining an improvement system before we have established, or demonstrated to the team, the performance improvement need or objective. 


KRS Profitti Ltd can better support your business improvement needs!

  • Recommends you start with 'Value Stream Mapping'

Better......, but they are still wrong! 

Until you have deployed a business performance management & improvement approach, clearly articulating the current performance of the organisation in both Financial and Operational terms it is impossible to know which of your business processes are the weakest link or strongest lever to future business success.  Most businesses will have a good number of high level business processes; such as business winning, new product introduction, manufacturing and sales. It is important that we first understand the top level business performance and that we know how Effective and Efficient we currently are.

Value Stream Mapping is expensive and time consuming if done properly. Until you have determined the relative performance of your various business streams in terms of their direct impact on Sales, Profit, Margin & Cash we cannot know which of the top level processes will provide the greatest degree of business improvement potential. We might even identify business streams that are not actually viable which we might have invested considerable time and effort in understanding. However, Value Stream Mapping is a powerful and affective methodology and is highly likely to feature in the solution to various business performance improvement needs once the business context is defined. 


KRS Profitti Ltd can better support your business improvement needs!

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Latest News


New Programme

KRS Profitti Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of the development phase of a 'state of the art' Supply Chain Risk Management System. This system will manage and reduce the risk of worldwide Supplier activities that may damage a client reputation or impact on their ability to deliver contracted business.


Racing Ahead

Our principle consultant, Karl Smith, recently supported a larger consultancy house in improving the development performance of a famous Formula 1 racing team client. Invaluable improvements were achieved resulting in significant improvement in track and race performance results.


Problem Solved

KRS Profitti recently resoved a significant performance  problem for a client delivering a high profile government support programme. Contractual KPIs were failing by in excess of 8000% of target and both internal and consulktant Lean and 6 Sigma attempts had failed to eliminate the problem. Our experience and practical skills quickly resolved the problem with performance failures being completely eliminated within a couple of months saving the client £millions in annual service credits.


Analox Ltd - SME Best Factory Award

KRS Profitti are delighted to report that Analox were recently awarded the 'Best Factory' award in the highly competitive SME category.

The awards ceremony took place on Friday 14 October at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham, with the Best SME award presented by Santander. The judges were particularly impressed with Analox’s approach to continuous improvement, KPI-based management and approach to people management.


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